Burger It All!

Hungry? Craving for Burger? Want an Unli fries? I really have to suggest you to visit Flamoo located at Palao, Iligan City. Flamoo is a store that sells one of the best burgers in Iligan City. But if you want an additional fun, no need to worry. Their Unli Fries Tuesdays are the best! Every Tuesday, Flamoo offers you unlimited fries giveaways in every burger you order. Amazing right? Yes it is. And there’s more. Every Tuesday the first person arrived there at exactly 3 o’clock pm will have a big discount. The first burger that will be sold at 3:00 P.M. can be yours for only 3 PESOS!!!!  ONLY 3 PESOS! Me and my friends have already tried it and yeah we only payed 3 pesos for the burger. It’s really satisfying and affordable. What are you waiting for?

Visit their store at The Strip, Pala-o, Iligan City!

Or you can also check out their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/flamoo.iligan and get updates on their new events and promos! I’m sure you’ll love it  ❤


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