Love Spaghetti…

Okay, so I’m really not a fan of eating Spaghetti but one of my friends just told to me to try this one and I was just like ‘Woah!’ I really enjoyed this Spaghetti and I got nothing to regret about it. Its a must try. This cafΓ© also have variety of Shakes, Pastries and their Aromatic Coffee! So if you’re going to travel in Iligan City? SulenΒ CafΓ© is a worthy place to chill in, sip some coffee and enjoy the ambiance that brings you the feeling of relaxation the moment you enter their Cafe. Worthy to get featured in your Instagram feed too!Β πŸ˜‰

Visit their Facebook Page at and get to know more about them!  ❀


12 thoughts on “Love Spaghetti…

      1. Wow! That’s too far for me to go for good spaghetti! I live near Vancouver, Canada. I have several Philipino friends – no wonder you like food! They always try to feed me, but I only like spaghetti. Some of my friends have just returned from a monthly visit to their homeland. You must also like basketball too.


      2. Oh wow! Yes. Filipinos does really like foods. I suggest you to visit us here sir πŸ™‚ I do basketball but not that much. I’m more on Volleyball, badminton and tennis.

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    1. Well, hello! 😊 Just like to say that our president is not shooting everyone else. Actually, he’s really a big impact to our country. I’m currently 3rd year in college now and I’m studying about the Implementation of Oplan Tokhang and it’s really helping the Philippines because my studies shows that some of places here especially the barangays that really have been involved in drugs starts to be peaceful and quiet. I’m not really a fan of our president and I’m also not protecting him from those issues nor convincing you that he’s not bad but what I’m sure as of now, that our country is really is at state if peace not that 10/10 but for somehow it can be visited by tourists and I also invite you to come here and witnissed the wonders of what can Philippines show to others. Hehehe! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„


      1. Good to hear a different perspective! We are preparing for our own controversial new president in the U.S., too — so we will soon be defending ourselves from world opinion as well! πŸ˜† Would love to visit the Philippines one day, I have met many Filipino people over the years and they have all been so very warm and gracious.

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      2. Haha, it has been our tradition that we Filipinos really are hospitable and caring especially to our visitors. 😊


      3. I do a lot of work with cruise ships. On the cruise ships, most of the hospitality staff (servers, room stewards, deckhands) are all Filipino. (While officers are Scandinavian, hotel and restaurant staff are Eastern European, etc.) And they are always my favorite people on the ships.

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