Weekend Random Photo 📷

I almost consumed 3 weeks trying to think what to put something new on my blog and I’ve come up to this idea: Weekend Random Photo. Okay, here’s how it goes like. I decided that every weekend I will post a random photo more something like a photography with random thoughts/description. And you can also leave a comment or a suggestion of your own description that you think perfectly describe the photo. So, here’s my first Weekend Random Photo:

“There’s always a light in every darkness. 💡”


All of us really have to go through with our different problems in our life. We encountered lots of hindrances and calamities in our daily lives. Sometimes because of these problems we fall down. Putting ourselves in a very dark situation. That causes us to surrender because we see no more hopes. But among all the darkness surrounds us there’s always a light that encourages us, making us strong and believe that no matter what problems we have we are capable of dealing it and solving it all through out. With the help of people around us that always supports us, our families, friends and even those strangers that inspiring us and of course with the guidance of God. Because nothing is impossible with Him! 💕



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