Made my day! ❤️

A pair of Choco Oreo Milktea and Revel Bar will surely make your day! Can’t get enough of how yummy is the two. Loving it already. A must try snack! Only at Infinitea Cafe. Visit Infinitea Cafe located at Tibanga, Iligan city! 😀


Simply just irresistible! This one of a kind Frappe by Dark Roast Cafe is just amazing. I’m here at the moment. Enjoying this Chocolate Frappe. Must try everyone. Only at Dark Roast Cafe located at Pala-o, Iligan City.

Perfect Combination

A piece of Java Chip Frappe and Fries will surely make your day perfect. Try it now guys. Only at Dark Roast Cafe located at Pala-o, Iligan City.  Visit their Facebook Page at and get updated!

Cappucino Lover💕

A speacial Capuccino treat perfect for a rainy day. Thankyou @Kelsey’s Cafe! Visit them now guys. Located across the Strip complex, Pala-o Iligan City, Philippines. Visit their facebook page for more updates!